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General information
This website is managed by GRANORTE. All rights relating to this website are owned by, and are reserved to GRANORTE. No information may be reproduced or distributed without GRANORTE's prior and explicit consent. 
Any access and use of this website shall be governed by these Terms of Use. GRANORTE reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time and without any prior notification.
By visiting this website, the user agrees to these Terms of Use.


Liability disclaimer
The website, its content and the software made available on this website are offered to the user "as is", without any commitments and guarantees whatsoever (explicit or implicit) or any liability, within the limits of the applicable law. Subject to an intentional act, GRANORTE cannot be held liable for damage caused by or related to the use of this website. In any case, GRANORTE is not responsible for, and rejects any liability for, any indirect, incidental, particular or consequential damages, caused by or related to the use of this website. 
All product information or other information published on this website has been drawn up to the best of GRANORTE's knowledge. However, all this information, in so far as legally admissible, does not result in any commitment or guarantee, nor any liability on the part of GRANORTE, and does not discharge the user from its obligation to obtain more information itself and to carry out tests. The users of the website are responsible for every choice or decision they make based on information obtained on or via the website.
GRANORTE does not have any obligation to update, correct or remove obsolete information from the website. GRANORTE also reserves the right to amend, expand or otherwise adjust the content of its website at any time without any prior notice.
GRANORTE is not liable for electronic communication via the website. This comprises e-mail correspondence, delays, interceptions or manipulations of the communication by third parties. The users of this website must take every reasonable precaution against viruses, bugs, trojan horses, etc.


External links
TRENDcollection website may contain links to third party websites ("hyperlinks"). GRANORTE is not responsible for the availability of these websites or their content. The hyperlinks to these websites are at the user's risk. GRANORTE is not liable for third party websites content or for any websites that provide links to the TRENDcollection website.


Social bookmarks
Social bookmarks that are identified by the respective logo are being used on TRENDcollection website. Users of certain social media platforms are able to use these social bookmarks to place links of selected TRENDcollection webpages into their profiles in order to mark them up or to share the respective page with their contacts. Whenever you click on social bookmarks, you are sending identifying data to the respective social media platform. Individuals who share TRENDcollection messages or information using the social bookmarks are not authorized to represent or to speak on behalf of GRANORTE.


Data privacy
If you should decide to make your personal data available to GRANORTE, you agree that this data will be transmitted without prior encryption and that GRANORTE shall have the right to store and use the data in compliance with GRANORTE’s Data Protection Policy. Detailed information as to the protection of your privacy can be found in the Data Protection Policy page.


Governing law
Any and all disputes arising from or in conjunction with the use of this website shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law, excluding its conflicts of law principles.

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